My Dream Dinner Party

Imagine being able to host your dream dinner party, bringing together a group of extraordinary people into your home. But there's a twist. None of your guests are alive. Instead they're all brought back to life from beyond the grave through the wonders of the BBC Radio archive – and edited together beautifully as though you're all eating, drinking and talking together around a single table.

Our “hosts” include:

Minnie Driver


Simon Callow

David Baddiel

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Joan Bakewell

Sir Simon Schama

Jack Whitehall

Alison Steadman

John Cleese

Shappi Khorsandi

Jane Horrocks

Sally Phillips

Howard Jacobson

Omid Djalli

Ed Balls

Jane Horrocks:"It's wonderful...I think the conversation between Ian (Dury) and myself has a real intimacy to it. A beautiful opportunity to speak again to that fact it made me feel he was still alive in a very profound way. It really sounds like we’re all there together. Very touching at the end. Thank you so much

Sally Phillips:"I wanted to thank you for having done such an amazing job.....You made a really beautiful thing. Exceptional editing and impressive research. Hope (and expect) you to win absolutely every award going. Thank you for making me look so good!"

Shappi Khorsandi:"This was an incredibly special programme to be a part of. Quite unlike anything I had done before. The care and compassion the producers gave to all the dead dinner guests was touching and when I heard the final cut it was, thanks to them, full of heart"

Since the first dream dinner party back in 2016, hosted by Ed Balls, Tuning Fork has gone on to win a BBC Radio award and received some great reviews.

The Radio Times said the stars of this brilliantly crafted series, are the researchers who pull together the archive clips that form a “coherent, believable and often humorous narrative”.

The Daily Mail said Princess Margaret, Orson Welles, Christopher Hitchens and Barry Humphries all chat and interact over dinner, “their voices brilliantly edited and intercut from the radio archives”.

The Spectator said the notion of a dream dinner party had been “triumphantly revamped for the digital age

The Daily Telegraph's Gillian Reynolds hailed the series as “a delicious confection”.

Woman's Hour presenter Jane Garvey said the programmes were “a complete gasp in admiration. It's genuinely a work of art.

Steve Wright said live on Radio 2 that “this is an amazing show...genius. I love it

.. and again Steve reminds his listeners with a small sample of the show this time.

Dream Dinner Party has also been featured twice on Radio 4's Feedback.

Here, an interview with producers Sarah Peters and Peregrine Andrews on the making of the programme. Start listening at 22'01”

And here, a piece about the use of archives in BBC Radio 4 programmes, including an interview with Sarah Peters. Start listening at 17'15” (to 24'45”)

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