Ministry of Secrets – Sony

Two interwoven stories - one past, one present. A Cold War mystery and a contemporary cover-up.
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Bad Apples – Radio 4

Cara McGoogan investigates shocking claims of bullying, sexual harassment and violence within the ranks of the police towards female officers.

Bed of Lies 1: Love - Telegraph

It’s one of Britain’s biggest secrets, and it begins with a love story. Young activists united in their fight for justice. But then, cracks start to form. What’s real, what isn’t and where do the lies begin?

Bed of Lies 2: Blood - Telegraph

It begins in a maximum security prison in Louisiana – and it ends in thousands of deaths. This is the story of people poisoned, families torn apart by grief and a mass cover up. Cara McGoogan investigates one of the biggest medical disasters in history.

My Dream Dinner Party – Radio 4

Imagine being able to host your dream dinner party, bringing together a group of extraordinary people into your home. But there's a twist. None of your guests are alive. Instead they're all brought back to life from beyond the grave through the wonders of the BBC Radio archive.

The Most Successful Assassination in History – Radio 4

The night Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin was gunned down - changing the Middle East forever.

The Tides of the Staithe – Radio 4

Kevin Crossley-Holland reflects on the magic and menace of the Norfolk tides, whose daily rhythm has shaped North Norfolk lives for centuries.

Present at the Creation – Radio 4

Jonathan Freedland recalls the extraordinary day in 1948 when Israel declared its independence..

Roots And Holocaust: When TV Taught us a History Lesson – Radio 4

Gary Younge and Jonathan Freedland grew up in Stevenage and Elstree, but a strange coincidence binds them.

A Beastly Midsummer's Night - Radio 3

The sun is setting on the summer solstice, the twilight slipping towards Midsummer's Night – an enchanted evening heavy with possibility, where real life blends into fantasy.

Shoah in Jerusalem - Radio 4

The extraordinary story of the day an epic Holocaust documentary was premiered in Israel. Shortlisted for the Whickers World Foundation Audio award and the Sandford St Martin radio award.

One Day in Entebbe – Radio 4

The dramatic story of the most outlandish rescue mission ever undertaken.

Persistence of Analogue – Radio 4

Technology writer Leigh Alexander explores the growing popularity of analogue culture in a digital world.

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